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i can't even play it on my pc but can play it on my labtop

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When is this Game Releasing?


add difficulties:

newbie (very easy)

trying out (easy)


eyelooker (hard)

professional survival (very hard)

add amounts of zombies that spawn:

10 - 25

25 - 35

48 - 64

Cant wait to see the similar updated project. Keep up the good work :


i love it it great i love the gameplay

Great gameplay But SERIOUSLY needs a sentivity setting

But very good gameplay and im hoping for more cool updates very soon

Bruh can't get it because 'My WinZip trial expired'..

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Download 7zip its free

can you add a mac version? for me and my brother 



is there away to change sensitivity? kinda annoying hows its so high tb

32 bits!!!! pls

Bad. I can not play because  it's not a zip.

Ready. It is already a zip

if i am correct i can play online with friends? thamk you.

Deleted 295 days ago

XDivinityZ its a sick game if u ever give source code tell me ;) 

good work 

Hmm. I would give it to you but it is a personal project, if I do not finish it I will publish the source code ;)



really  ı want play game but its asset

its not an asset its a game

i jsut played it and its sick